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The Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes

The Best Nike Basketball Shoes

As the entire planet knows, Nike is the brand that has been one of the best when it comes to sportswear. But, in this brief article, I will only talk about the best Nike basketball shoes to buy. Speaking from experience, some of the best sports shoes that I have owned are from Nike. Nike has a partnership with multiple basketball players and the one that stands out and one that is considered a significant one if the ones that are known as Nike LeBrons. These shoes have been the most popular amongst so many other basketball options that Nike has for basketball players.

Nike is actually a brand that started off as a tiny importer of some Japanese trainers in the year 1964, but it is now the biggest and most popular sports brand in the world. It has revenue of 35 billion dollars in a year. It is undoubtedly difficult to keep track of all of the basketball shoes that Nike pumps out all the time and therefore in this list, I have just provided some of the best ones that you can consider before you go and make the purchase. Nike has been known to design signature models of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Kevin Durant as well. Some of these shoes have been deemed the best basketball shoes for wide feet today. The popular models like hyperdunks have also been some fantastic shoes with really great quality invested into them. The list starts here. I guarantee that no matter which shoes you buy from this list, you will be happy.

–    Nike Zoom Kobe 1 has gotten a 9/10, and it arguably a great shoe. It supports your leg properly and provides great cushioning when you launch yourself and then fall back down. You can get this one for $180 on Amazon.

–    Nike PG 3 has gotten a very similar rating to the one above and proves to be a great all-rounder shoe which is available at an arguably fair and affordable price. This shoe is also versatile and works for all positions of the sport. It can be bought for $110.

bought for $110

–    Nike LeBron 16 is a shoe that actually looks spectacular, in my opinion. It is definitely a pair that I would purchase for myself since I am a basketball player. It has received a rating of 9.5/10 and gives great cushioning as well as traction on all kinds of surfaces. You may even find yourself wearing these shoes when you are not playing the sport because they are just that comfortable. This shoe is recommended for powerful and explosive players who play the wing position. You can find this brilliant pair for $150 on Amazon.

–    Nike KD 12 has gotten a 9/10 and is a great shoe for handlers because of its balance. It is priced at $150.

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